Ensemble Manifesto

(For everyone, including leaders, participants, and collaborators.)
  • Ensembles are made of artists. The work/performance/art undertaken requires everyone’s input to happen.

  • Art happens in the space between people.

  • All ensemble members have the potential and responsibility to instigate creative change.

  • An ensemble needs to trust itself, and the constituent members trust each other.

  • Music making depends on respect.

  • All ensembles are pedagogic opportunities. Those who feel they aren’t learning or being challenged aren’t engaging with the ensemble enough.

  • If something isn’t working in an ensemble, look first to yourself.

  • It’s hard to be creative if you don’t know the notes. Everyone is responsible for their own part.

  • Rehearsals should positively impact the quality of the performers and the performance.

  • The evolution of a piece of art is unknown. Be open to change.

  • It’s called ‘playing music’ for a reason.


(Debate, discuss, and disagree.)